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ORBS interview

(L.A. Crews)-what u write???.

. (ORBS)- orbs

(L.A. Crews)-what crews r u from???.

(ORBS)- ATG, AFW (9o9) I.E.

.(L.A. Crews)-how did your crew(s) get started???.

(ORBS)- .friends who had passion for graff

(L.A. Crews)-how did u get your nickname????.

.(ORBS)- homie from dtd8 gave it to me well it was orbit i made it shorter to orbs .(L.A. Crews)- what year did u begin to write?????.

(ORBS)- 98-99 not to sure

(L.A Crews)- How did u get started in graff????.

(ORBS)- . well ive always loved to draw. then i went into lettering.

.(L.A. Crews)- what did/do u like to write with?????.

(ORBS)- pilots.streaks.woodcrafts.scribes for shure. and cant forget da dollar paint cans.

.(L.A. Crews)- who did u see up back in the oldschool days???.

(ORBS)- ygw. ocp. dtd, tya, msk,awr,

.(L.A. Crews)- whats your favorite colors to do pieces with or bomb with????.

(ORBS)- greens for peices, silver and black for bombs.

.(L.A. Crews)- do u still write????.

(ORBS)- of course not as much as i would like but i try to stay up.

.(L.A. Crews)- Did u ever hit buses ?what lines did/do u kill???.

(ORBS)- nah never had a chance to scribed the shit out of the omnitrans though.

.(L.A. Crews)- any beef with anyone or any crews?????.

(ORBS)- no beef and if there is we handdle it with cans, not like sum toys who like to be strapped.

.(L.A. Crews)- do u have any graffiti stories u would like to share????.

(ORBS)- theres too many . but a funny one i remember was when i was hitting the fwys and my homie threw his bag over the fence and one of his cans burst i told him not to open the bag. but he was to anxious to paint so he opened it and when he did i looked over at him and his whole face was covered in silver . he looked like the tin man on the wizard of oz.

.(L.A. Crews)- did u ever get caught????.

(ORBS)- never did . knock on wood for that

.(L.A. Crews)- how has L.A. graffiti changed from the oldschool days till nowadays???.

(ORBS)- well i live out in the i.e. so i wouldnt know much about that ,but what i do know is that theres to many haters now a days who just need to realize graff is not about tagbanging.

.(L.A. Crews)- Have u ever battled anyone in graffiti?????if so who won????.

(ORBS)- .never did. like i said we have no beef . toys hate . but no one has ever confronted me to battle them.

.(L.A. Crews)- Did u ever hit freeways?????.

(ORBS)- yes i did the san bernardino 10 fwy

.(LA. Crews)- any last words or shout outs?????.

(ORBS)- just want to give shout out to my krew members. Eks,Megs,Ceas,Rats,Jeko,Reck,Earn,Cean. and of course to all the I.E. graff artist . And for sum of those L.A. artist who think theirs nothing in the I.E. u should cum down a weekend . but hey im not a hater i have much respect for L.A. also . we are what makes up the west coast. And for all them little chavalitos trying to come up in the graff game stay up homies . also want to give a shout out to my little bro (og) sloke....................



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