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Interview with STRYCH 9*D.2.D*D.I.S

1.(L.A. Crews)-What do u write?

(STRYCH 9)-STRYCH NINE D.2.D.I.S. I also write ERGOT sometimes!

2.(L.A. Crews)-How did u get your name?

(STRYCH 9)- I saw it in the ANARCHIST COOKBOOK,sounded good plus everyone was always a oner,like CROWN ONE,QUEST ONE,ETC. Hardly anyone used a different number.

3.(L.A. Crews)-What city are u from?

(STRYCH 9)-Originally North Long Beach but I've lived all over L.A. & Orange County mostly San Pedro, North Longbeach & Buena Park.

4.(L.A. Crews)-What crews are u from?

(STRYCH 9)-D.2.D, D.I.S ,M.D.M.A

5.(L.A. Crews)-How did D.2.D D.I.S start?

(STRYCH) Old skool heads as far as I was told "BABYBLUE" started the krew either D.2.D or D.I.S I forget which one he was killed like 92 or 93 storm was the main head of K.O.S in 1989 or 1990 when D.2.D first was getting known when it was called D2DKOS. If you remember back in 88-90 K.O.S. and K.C.C. dominated in the harbor area and surrounding areas anyway about 90 or 91 kos fell off it was all D.2.D then later in 90 or 91 clicked up with D.I.S I was let in by "MALOE" and FOBEK" of the 7 click me and gnew, other heads.

6.(L.A. Crews)-How long have u been writing?. What year did u begin to write???

(STRYCH 9)-Like 14 years since 87 or 88, But didn't really do anything good til 90 or 91

7.(L.A. Crews)-So is it true fools are now claiming D.2.D, whole clicks of fakes, like the 12's, Who let them in?? why do they continue to write it?or the 4's the 9's the 8's bunch of tag bangers none can piece or even do a throw up,just jockin the work yall did 10 years ago.???

(STRYCH 9)- homies from the 2 click told me that the 12 click is real and the 8 click is real that the homie that gave me that bad info was just mad cause he got the boot from the krew. Also I had said we no longer hit up clicks, well that was the plan but we are so spread out now and theres not much communication from click to click that we still use the click #'s. I still think alot of fools in the 8's and the 12's are toy though and they give d2d a bad rep.

8.(L.A. Crews)-Did u ever hit Buses?

(STRYCH 9)-Not really, A few school buses!

9.(L.A. Crews)-Do u still write?

(STRYCH 9)-Yeah, Mostly fr8's and ditches I hit the freeway once in the last 3 years, I'm scarred of cell phones and heros. But it's very rare when i go out.but I'm always catchin streak spots and slap tags.

10.(L.A. Crews)-How do u stand out from other writers?

(STRYCH 9)-I do alot of characters, Which is rare in OC. I don't waste my paint hitting telephone poles or curbs why? Thats what markers are for.

11.(L.A. Crews)- What would u like to be remembered most for?

(STRYCH 9)-No one remembers shit, You could be the most up fool for a year or two or whatever, But you stop getting up for a while, Your forgotten unless you got up like "CHAKA" or "GKAE".

12.(L.A. Crews)- Whats your most craziest or worse experience in graffiti?

(STRYCH 9)-Hard to say what was the craziest, The first time I hit a heaven was pretty nutty me and "GNU" and "HINT" ran down the 110 freeway with an old wooden ladder we ran about a 1/4 mile then put it up on the center divider because the sides of the heaven were too high. The center divider was raised though, About 5 feet off the ground, And while I was up there a chp or cop rolled by while I was hitting the front. The worst of course is always getting caught going to county.

13.(L.A. Crews)-How do u feel about graffiti crews hooking up with gangs and calling themsleves tagbangers?

(STRYCH 9)-I think gangs are weak to begin with. It's a bunch of punks that need daddies to watch their back. What do you get out of it? And tagbangers they are even weaker they couldn't get in a real gang, So they start a tag krew no one has skills or even has a clue of the history of graf they just let in anyone to get heads. It's just a bunch of cowards once they get enough heads then they get brave and say oh yeah were a gang now!

14.(L.A. Crews)-How did u get started in graffiti?any influences???

(STRYCH 9)-Me and "GNU" use to sneak out all the time breaking into cars and vending machines and whatever we could find one night we got paint just started putting up shit like anarchy signs "fuck you " "sk8 or die" shit like that dumb shit for a few months this was like 87 then like 88met some taggers in pedro thought of a name started writing it i thought it was og til like a year later i read subway art then I came up with another name.Influences? in 88 N.A.S.A K.C.C K.O.S U.T.I L.O.D.

15.(L.A. Crews)-Will u ever stop writing?

(STRYCH 9)-Eventually I'll stop I don't want to, But it will probably happen.

16.(L.A. Crews)- Have u ever got caught writing or racking?

(STRYCH)- writing like 4 times. I beat a case once in glendale the cop lied I really didn't do shit I just had a streak on me the cop said i was writing on this window.I got caught on a 4 story gravel tower in westminister on the side of the 405 right by the mall there. It was weak because they didn't even know I was up there this fool "HINT" was painting the mall and security called the cops so they were responding to him, so i seen a grip of cop cars so I ran down the ladders. I tryed to hide in the trees on the side of the freeway but the pigs rolled up with k9's so I wasn't tryin to get bit like all them fools on cops so I fuckin ran across the freeway, there was like 10 cop cars on the other side no where to run parks on both sides no backyards to hide in they fuckin stopped the whole freeway and arrested me at the center divider. The other two times I was just dumb painting during the day.

17.(L.A. Crews)-Tell us more about those freeways?

(STRYCH)- When I did hit freeways I can't say I killed any but I was up alot on the 5 from O.C. to Downtown LA like 92 93 got up alot as strych-9 D2DISK 16 click and Xador P.N. I had spots on the 710 a couple billboards stayed up for a year, in O.C. the 5 and 91.

18.(L.A. Crews)-Have u ever battled anyone or any crews? If so what reason? Who won the battle?

(STRYCH)- We had a nonstop battle with S.N.R, A.T.C, E.K. and E.C.M and A.R.K and I had beef with certain "U.N.A" and "B.N." heads just jealous toys. As far as a one on one piecing battle, I battled SERCH from K.C.A the fake serch probably a tie we both sucked. Now I'm crossing out anyone that writes N.O.W and A.D.S fools slash for no reason I'm gonna slash back.

19.(L.A. Crews)-What do u like to write with?

(STRYCH 9)-Krylon & German thins also painters touch and K-Mart 99 cent cans for quick throw ups.

20.Whats your favorite Krylon color to "GET-UP" with or do pieces with?

(STRYCH 9-)None in particular it's all good.

21.(L.A. Crews)-How do u feel about female graffiti writers?Since 99% of writers are guys!

It's cool when you meet a real one, not one thats just fucking the whole krew but those can be fun for 15 minutes. I've met only a few real ones omega was one and blosm was another we had a grip of girls in D.2.D I only went writing with one "PLOW" she wasn't no serious writer though she got up though.

22.(L.A. Crews)-Do u have any beef wtih anyone or any crews?

(STRYCH 9)-Like I said N.O.W & T.R.L A.D.S. Riot A.D.S capped a piece I did by the Santa fe springs swap meet for no reason and put "stop" next to it and they clicked with T.R.L, So basically I will cap all the shit I see by them toys. By the way the "O.G. RIOT" is in Utah. N.O.W krew they just a bunch of kids jealous of my new krew mdma cause we pulled out there best writers SWEL and CAEL aka ASER, so they been slashin me for no reason so now fuck um. They only up in one square mile of Buena Park. Bunch of little kids on bikes.and i have beef with theso called 8 9 and 12 clicks and 4's I don't think none of them should be in D.2.D. I don't think anyone that got in after 94 or 95 needs to be checked out for skills if you can't put letters up your out quit claimin it. Quit tryin to get a rep off the work we put in years ago.

23.(L.A. Crews)- What did u like about the oldschool days?

(STRYCH 9)-Freeways were easier no cell phones, less heros, nothing was burnt every fr8 layup was chill.D2DISK was totally organized meetings and parties and barbques all the time.

24.(L.A. Crews)- How has graffiti changed from back them till now?

(STRYCH 9)-Theres less graf now but the graff that is out there is better than back then fools progress quicker now days, It's all about fr8's now before it was all about the freeway and heavens.

25.(L.A. Crews)-What goes thru your mind when your out bombing or piecing?

(STRYCH 9)-I can't stop, I'm always thinking why do I do this what is there to gain?some petty fame?

26.(L.A. Crews)- Do u have any last words or advise for anyone?

(STRYCH 9)-If you can't do letters, If all you do is tag, Quit writing move on to your next fad or phase.If you are tryin to put up letters keep trying.Don't fuckin do this cause your homie does it do it for yourself. If you get good don't get a big head. If you have a good fr8 lay up tell no one and don't tag the surroundin walls & pick up your cans don't paint the big numbers your shit will get stamped. Auto body shops are good racks always tons of paint.



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