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L.A. Crews -
Interview with STEDE T.K.O

(L.A. Crews)-What do u write?


2.(L.A. Crews)-How did u get your name?

(STEDE)- I got my name from some old Hip Hop song.

3.(L.A. Crews)-What city are u from?

(STEDE)- North East Los Angeles (El Sereno).

4.(L.A. Crews)-What crews are u from?


5.(L.A. Crews)-How did you get started?

(STEDE)-I got started back in break dancing days.

6.(L.A. Crews)-How long have u been writing?. What year did u begin to write???

(STEDE)- I`ve been writing for about 16 1/2 years. I started writing in the summer of 1987.

7.(L.A. Crews)-How do it feel to be from one of the most reconized crews in Southern California?

(STEDE)- It feels great knowing that you been through all the politics of GRAFFITI and your still in the game. TOTAL KAOS is one of the most recognized in crews in all of Cali.

8.(L.A. Crews)-Did u ever hit Buses?

(STEDE)-That`s where it all got started for me.

9.(L.A. Crews)-Do u still write?

(STEDE)- Yeah,I still write when I can get away from my wife and kids. I`m trying to get my oldest son to start bombing.

10.(L.A. Crews)-How do u stand out from other writers?

(STEDE)-I`m still in the game from the old skool and i`m always willing to take off at 3:00am and go and bomb.

11.(L.A. Crews)- What would u like to be remembered most for?

(STEDE)-I want people to remember me for keeping it real and never selling out into gangs.

12.(L.A. Crews)- Whats your most craziest or worse experience in graffiti?

(STEDE)-I got caught by the cops and they beat the shit out of me.

13.(L.A. Crews)-How do u feel about graffiti crews hooking up with gangs and calling themsleves tagbangers?

(STEDE)-I personally think that there a bunch of bitches that tried graffiti as an excuse to get into a neighborhood.

14.(L.A. Crews)-Who were your influences???


15.(L.A. Crews)-Will u ever stop writing?


16.(L.A. Crews)- Have u ever got caught writing or racking?

(STEDE)-I`ve busted twice for bombing on the back of a bus grill.

17.(L.A. Crews)-Did u every hit freeways?

(STEDE)-I hit some freeways in L.A,Frisco,Vegas,San Diego and Etc.It was nothing major just catching some throw ups here and there.

18.(L.A. Crews)-Have u ever battled anyone or any crews?If so what reason?Who won the battle?

(STEDE)-I really never battled nobody cause they were to afraid that they would lose.

19.(L.A. Crews)-What do u like to write with?

(STEDE)-I like to write with anything as long as I get up. I rather hit with cans.

20.Whats your favorite Krylon color to "GET-UP" with or do pieces with?

(STEDE)-Flat Black, Blue,and Silver.

21.(L.A. Crews)-How do u feel about female graffiti writers?Since 99% of writers are guys!

(STEDE)-I married a female writer! So I think female writer are bad ass. Speaking of female writers,I think TRIBE is the Bad Ass.

22.(L.A. Crews)-Do u have any beef wtih anyone or any crews?

(STEDE)-I had beef with some bitches from K.A.W(now they are housebangers)figures.

23.(L.A. Crews)- What did u like about the oldschool days?

(STEDE)-It was all about getting up and parting with your homies.

24.(L.A. Crews)- How has graffiti changed from back them till now?

(STEDE)- Back then you had to prove yourself to get into a crew and now you see a bunch of toys starting there own shit cause they suck.

25.(L.A. Crews)-What goes thru your mind when your out bombing or piecing?

(STEDE)-I just get into a zone not to stop.

26.(L.A. Crews)- Do u have any last words or advise for anyone?

(STEDE)- If your a toy please stop writing because your giving Graffitti a bad name. To all the O.G`s PEACE!



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