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Interview with spek"cfk


(L.A. Crews)-what u write???.

spek one aka > speck-spex-specterxpex-all related

> . > > (L.A. Crews)-what crews r u from???.

solo now was from o.g cfk > base in pasadena og member

> > > .(L.A. Crews)-how did your crew(s) get started???.

1987 in high > school amoe sent skape to recrute me at the time i was in c.t.a > with asik and kerox the leader was. strik. asik- joined c.w.a strik > became no 5 head in c.f.k kero kept c.t.a going

> > > . > > (L.A. Crews)-how did u get your nickname????

.my name came from my > vision problems im realy spek 3 the first spek was from f.t.l fuck. > the. law from i believe he later joined u.t.i l.a. second spector was > from t.n.t-tss who i got permission from to keep this fablous name > alive .

> > .(L.A. Crews)- what year did u begin to write?????

.in 1983 my > first name was snork. my older brother was a artist influence by > new york graf-breaking-rappin-djing. the 4 elements of hiphop > .shrimp-one-r.t.d ready to draw.c.f.k he in j.k jedi knight with > marsh from g.f.a at the moment

> > > > (L.A. Crews)- How did u get started in graff????

.i didnt start > peacing till 1990 but tagging harecore in c.f.k 1987-1995 i was > trinig to get in b.s.k back.street.kings but my applaction was > deneid by d.o.c and cube.also tried s.h seeking. heaven.precise > dcline as well basically was a toy. > > . > > .(L.A. Crews)- what did/do u like to write with?????.

sakura mean > streak made famous by them boys from o.t.r out.to.run. d.t.w m.w.a > i must give props dem crews put in work....

> > > > .(L.A. Crews)- who did u see up back in the oldschool > days???.

1983-1989 otr dtw atl tac kns mwa tnt kcc nts stn indo guys > sleez course bsk it would fill this page up

> > > .(L.A. Crews)- whats your favorite colors to do pieces with or bomb > with????.

krylon ultra flat black fill with low buget crome in and > out i developed more passion for busses it was great for fresh > recrutes plus it was great travel...

> > > > .(L.A. Crews)- do u still write????

.no to old i still piece mostly > at home or leagal yards i got kids ya know but sometime burger king > bathrooms get scribe out ha ha..

> > > > .(L.A. Crews)- Did u ever hit buses ?what lines did/do u > kill???.

all of them 488 -487-256-91-92- bases > were covered even la orange county inland sun valley up north and > san deigo i had no life ha ha....

> > > .(L.A. Crews)- any beef with anyone or any crews?????.

only with > some c.w.a 's as they wree local c.l.k whom i always respected for > matching talent. that was more based on name simalarty not personal > they made the beef over rated we later squash it at belmont we were > grown men they had more youth but still they wrent scared... tfk > tik tm minor scuffles at that point it was no longer fun art you > get my drift...

> > > > .(L.A. Crews)- do u have any graffiti stories u would like to > share????.

no those are private

> > > > .(L.A. Crews)- did u ever get caught????.

yes i did in the most > safe places college bro ha ha never on buses or street as my > recruites would help....

> > > .(L.A. Crews)- how has L.A. graffiti changed from the oldschool days > till nowadays???.

(SPEK)i dont see tags anymore in a way its good keep > it underground..peacing all the time i love graf is tru skill

> > > > .(L.A. Crews)- Have u ever battled anyone in graffiti?????if so who > won????.

no not me i asy im mid level skiled but on the run many

> > . > > .(L.A. Crews)- Did u ever hit freeways?????.

no to dangerous that > was left to crazy freeway killirs 626 -stine-blast-syter-them boys > from 909 boo most ect 818 gues insta r-i.p blok ref

> > > > .(L.A. Crews)- any last words or shout outs?????.i like to say i > hope all my freind and foes had a ball it was fun we didnt kill > people will kill busses and walls and had there been more youth > centers and places to go who knows i hope some of u took your > passion for this to other thing in life peace.....



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