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Interview with REX*V.I.P

1.What do u write?

2.How long u been writing?
(REX) 18 yrs on & off.

3.What city u from?

(REX) Boarder of Lynwood & Compton.

4.How did u get started??Any Influences???

(REX) I was fascinated by watching Newyork subway lines with graffiti all over them on a trip I took in 1983 with my family to New York.
(Influences) A movie called "DREAMS DON'T DIE". It's oldschool graffiti material.

5.Did u ever get caught?

(REX) I've had hundreds of close calls but the "GRAFFITI GODS" always showed me the way out!

6.What lines did u kill?

(REX) 60,120 252,111,62,& many others.

7.Do u still write?

(REX) Yes I'm in New Orleans now & I'm bombin like theres no tomorrow.

8.Did u ever have beef with any one or any crews?

(REX) Personal beef with "K.C.C" & "REX O.F.S"

9.What did u like about the oldschool days?

(REX) The opportunity of freedom to write it was so easy because it was a new era in the west there were only a handfull of writers it wasn't out of control yet!

10.How has graffiti changed from back then??

Graffiti in the old days was experimental the pioneers of the westcoast graffiti were writing on mainly RTD's The lines got alot of writers their fame. Now it's different because they have lots of hero's out there hoping to bust a writer in action & alot of hard work that's done nowadays doesn't last as long & tomorrow your buffed! The energy of today's youth isn't as strong as it used to be. When graffiti was out in the earily stages you felt it!

11.How does it feel to be from one of the most reconized crew in southern california?

(REX)I have alot of pride for my name & crew & I respect all writers.

12.Do u have any last words or advice 4 anyone?shout outs?

(REX) Shouts out to the V.I.P CREW C.L.K CREW K.4.M CREW & ZERO N.T.S CREW. My advice Keep the graffiti movement alive. Stay true to the game!PEACE .



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