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L.A. Crews -
Interview with RANGE*F.C.T.

1.(L.A. Crews)-What do u write?


2.(L.A. Crews)-How did u get your name?

(RANGE:)-Like most writers I started writing in junior high with early names. I started with comet. One day at lunch time 2 hispanic taggers, trip and lil man were talking about a fat dude named comet. I overheard them and told them I was comet. They laughed and we went writing on the buses later. I had a friend named Duel, kickin it in my kitchen I was thinking of a name and saw a blender that said duel range, duel was my boy and Range was a dope name. Like most writers they started with funky names at first. I changed my name to Range and Trip changed his name to Famer, and we started FCT at Virgil Junior High. .

3.(L.A. Crews)-What city are u from?

(RANGE:)-Los Angeles

4.(L.A. Crews)-What crews are u from?

(RANGE:)-Fame City Team, PTK Public Threat Kings/Perfecting The Krylon/Party Time Kuz

5.(L.A. Crews)-How long have u been writing?. What year did u begin to write???

(RANGE:)-I started writing in Junior high. Around 87 ended in 91

6.(L.A. Crews)-How do it feel to be from one of the most reconized crews in Southern California?

(RANGE:)-It was cool. Rumors on the street was FCT was a bunch of Rockwood Street Locos, a few were but this made writing a little more dangerous because Rockwood has a lot of enemies.

7.(L.A. Crews)-Did u ever hit Buses?What lines did u kill?who do/did u see up on the busses?

(RANGE:)-During 87 through 89 it was all about mobbin the buses. The 200 on vermont was my favorite. When 89 hit, FCT went arsenal with the krylon. ,

8.(L.A. Crews)-What yards did/do u got to?

(RANGE:)-WE battled mostly at the Belmont tunnell since all the FCTeamsters went to Belmont high. We battled TNT. TNT claimed to had won because we ran out of paint and never came back to finish the battle. TNT used writers from STN to do there piece. This was suppose to be a FCT TNT battle and they brought in someone from another crew. We could have brought in Mandoe from MAK to do our piece if that was the case. We used the paint on freeways instead. FCT did mostly landmarks because they were permanent and could be seen years later.

9.(L.A. Crews)-How do u stand out from other writers?

(RANGE:)-I was mostly west Lost Angeles. Did alot of mobbing while most of the crew did pieces. .

10.(L.A. Crews)- Whats your most craziest or worse experience in graffiti?Did u ever get caught?

(RANGE:)-There were crazy times but getting busted for stealing paint sucked.

11.(L.A. Crews)-What would u liked to be remembered most for???

(RANGE:)- Smoking a lot of bud and down to mob freeways. .

12.(L.A. Crews)-How do u feel about graffiti crews hooking up with gangs and calling themselves tagbangers?

(RANGE:)-I think its stupid. Back in the days crews didnt mess with gangs. We had a crew of 12 they have a gang if 500. If a gang crossed you out, too bad, cross them out but dont write anything. Alot of neighborhoods thought FCT was all Rockwood, this wasnt true but Ive got clocked a couple times because of it. Hex had a saying that was true, he mentioned in one of his pieces, Why couldnt all wars be done on walls. Tagging went from a hip hop culture to just a lot of gang banging.

13.How did u get started in graffiti?any influences???

(RANGE:)- I was a break dancer when breakin was around in the 80s. When breakin died out all the breakin crews crossed over into taggin crews. It was a way of getting recognition and respect.

14.(L.A. Crews)-Have u ever hit freeways?

(RANGE:)-A lot of 101 and 60, the rest of the crew hit up other cities to.

15.(L.A. Crews)-Have u ever battled anyone? or any crews?

(RANGE:)-We battled TNT. NTS would have made a good battle, they have a lot of writers but Im not sure how they are at pieces. FCT had a couple MAK dudes so we could do some damage.

16.(L.A. Crews)-What do u like to write with?


17.(L.A. Crews)-How do u feel about female graffiti writers, since 99% of writers are guys?

(RANGE:).Chick writers are cool. Some can draw some killer pieces.

18.(L.A. Crews)-Whats your favorite Krylon color to "GET-UP" with or pieces with?

(RANGE:)-True blue

19.(L.A. Crews)-Do u have any beef with anyone or any crews?

(RANGE:)-Had beef with TNT NTS NBT DCK .

20.(L.A. Crews)- What goes thru your mind when u r out bombing or pieceing?

(RANGE:)-A whole lot of damage

21.(L.A. Crews)- What did u like about the oldschool days?

(RANGE:)-Tagging was respected, a hip hop thang. Now people think taggings for scum bags that need to get a life. .

22.(L.A. Crews)- How has graffiti changed from back them till now?

(RANGE:)-The art should never end, but the tagging days have passed.

23.(L.A. Crews)- Do u have a ny last words or advise for anyone?

(RANGE:)- Yeah. I use to tag up the freeways, smoke up the rocks, gang bang with my homies , getting all crazy. I was suicidal and wanted to kill myself because I thought nobody loved me. I was about to kill myself when someone told me Jesus loved me. I laughed. But I decided to choose Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. Now Im in a christian rap band called BAD CREW Born Again Disciples. What the devil ment for bad came out to do damage for the gospel. Im rolling with the crew again, but this time its on a higher level. I bomb in the spiritual now. Its all about bombing demons. I was up to no good and finally hit rock bottom, but Christ got me back on top. I encourage yall to accept Christ in your heart because heaven aint no joke. Writers that got saved were RANGE, HEX, CHAKA and a bunch more, why dont you join the right crew. PEACE



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