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Interview with "pAris"one*T.S.K

1.(L.A. Crews)-What do u write?

(PARIS1)-pAris,,pAris one

2.(L.A. Crews)-How did u get your name?

(PARIS1)-Well!,,when i was young i used to like the Eiffel tower in Paris,,and at the time i was in need of a new name to write,,so i took the name pAris and started writing it,,i wanted a name that would completely stand out from the other writer's out there,,,it's weird because i never really cared for the name,,i just liked the way the letters went together,,but most writer's thought it was a dope name!

3.(L.A. Crews)-What city are u from?

(PARIS1)-I'm from L.A.,California(Windsor Hills,,right next door to Baldwin Hills)

4.(L.A. Crews)-What crews are u from?

(PARIS1)-Threw out my peaking day's of writing i never joined a crew,,i alway's wanted to be a solo writer,,,,but at the end of my writing day's i made up this crew called TSK(The Slauson Klan),,at first it was just me as the "The Slauson Kid" then to incorporate my closest writing homies i made it The Slauson Klan.

5.(L.A. Crews)-How long have u been writing?. What year did u begin to write???

(PARIS1)-I don't write anymore,,,i haven't tagged since the summer of 1989,,,i started in the winter time of 1985....

6.(L.A. Crews)-How do it feel to be from one of the most reconized crews in Southern California?

(PARIS1)-Well at the time we didn't look at it like that,but if you look back at it now,in 1988,"it was one of the crews that we're out there doing thing's and gaining fame,,,when most people think of TSK you think of 2 people pAris and Caser(my writing partner(1986 1989).

7.(L.A. Crews)-Did u ever hit Buses?What lines did u kill?who did u see up back then on the busses?

(PARIS1)-Oh hell yea!,,when it come to bus tag's,i was considered a house hold name(along with other's at the time),,at the time the buses we're called RTD's,,,i was up with scribes and marker tag's,,,in most cases you could catch my tag's rolling on the 115,212's,40's,105's,108's,45's,42's,439,68,,38's,204's,lot's of the Hollywood lines,,,i was the type of writer that would go all over the city to be up on that particular bus line that was running over there,,,,i made sure my name name was up on at least 10 of your lines if you live on the other part's of the city,,,,,the Culver City bus lines had lot's of my scribes on them too.

8.(L.A. Crews)-Do u still write? Will u ever stop writing?

(PARIS1)-No i don't write anymore,,,you couldn't pay me to write nowaday's!(i'm quite grown now),,,i still do pieces once in a blue moon,,,rather it be for money or for fun....

9.(L.A. Crews)-How do u stand out from other writers?

(PARIS1)-Well not to be conceited or anything but!,,i had a name that stood out and my name was up constantly from 1987-1988,,,it's feel's good for 90's writer's to give me props on my tag's still remaining up in scribes after like 15 year's..........

10.(L.A. Crews)- Whats your most craziest or worse experience in graffiti?Did u ever get caught?

(PARIS1)-When me and Caser went to the RTD bus yard to get up in the summer of 1987 and the RTD police saw us jump the wall,,they came in the yard to find us so we hid under a bus,,we got busted and i couldn't get from under the bus so they had to lift the bus up with a fork lift to get me out and they took us down to the station and called our parent's.

11.(L.A. Crews)-What would u liked to be remembered most for???

(PARIS)-Well i would want to be remembered most for being one of L.A. bus king's that could get down in piecing as well because alot of writer's didn't know that i could do my thing in piecing and that was the way i got into graf. in the first place..........

12.(L.A. Crews)-How do u feel about graffiti crews hooking up with gangs and calling themselves tagbangers?

(PARIS1)-All of that tag banger's stuff dumb,,i never liked it and it was just straight up stupid!!,,it was for idiot's!,,,,,i'm glad i had retired when it came about,,,it messed up the whole culture of Grafitti Art!,,,,AND TO ALL OF YOU TAG BANGER'S THAT WE'RE OUT THERE LIKE 10 YEAR'S AGO,,,SHAME ON YOU IDIOT'S!!

13.How did u get started in graffiti?any influences???

(PARIS1)-It all started for me in the winter of 1985,,i was already an artist walking around with a Mead sketch book,,,but i was at school one day and i was walking to the bathroom one day during lunch time and all of these kid's we're in a cypher looking at this book,,so i peeped in to get a closer look at it,,,that book had these crazy letter's and name's in it,,i had never seen art work like this,,it was strange,,,and by me being into art already i wanted to know what it was,,,that book was called SUBWAY ART,,and the guy that had the book was from this dance group at the time called THE POSERZ(a gang now),,but i liked the book so much that i told the dude i would buy it from him for 11 buck's,,and from that day on i was poisoned by the art of grafitti...........My earlier influences we're mainly NY writer's,,,but as L.A. got more into writing i can easily say people like Risk WCA,Miner WCA,(with Risk it was his piecing skill's,,and with Miner it was the way he kinged bus lines and did good pieces),,,WCA as a whole was my main influence with my piecing.....

14.(L.A. Crews)-Have u ever hit freeways?

(PARIS1)-No one really hit Freeway's hard back then,i only hit one with my partner CASE back in 1988 on the 405 and it was a piece...Freeway's started getting hit hard in 1989,,and SER WCA was one of the king's of that,,,this guy named CAB LOD had the 60 frwy sewn up in the early 90's i remember but i was out of the scene at that time when i used to see it

15.(L.A. Crews)-Have u ever battled anyone? or any crews?

(PARIS1)-No i never had any battles,just a little tag dissin' session going back and fourth with Wisk WCA in 1988 for a quick minute.

16.(L.A. Crews)-What do u like to write with?

(PARIS1)-I used to like to write with the Mean Streaks and the Pilot marker's,that was it,i didn't like to carry spray paint on me because i didn't want to get caught with it,at all back then!......

17.(L.A. Crews)-How do u feel about female graffiti writers, since 99% of writers are guys?

(PARIS)-I think female writer's are cool man,,just keep that feminine side,lol,that's what i like to see at the end of the night.

18.(L.A. Crews)-Whats your favorite Krylon color to "GET-UP" with or pieces with?

(PARIS1)-Aqua Turquoise,Pastel Aqua(discontinued),and Plum(safety puple now).

19.(L.A. Crews)-Do u have any beef wtih anyone or any crews?

(PARIS1)-No beef with anyone,but back in '88 this lil crew came out called TSS,,i didn't like that at all,,the letter's looked to close to my crew,,,we wanted to find those guy's but never could.

20.(L.A. Crews)- What goes thru your mind when u r out bombing or pieceing?

(PARIS1)-To simply get up more and more(taging),when it came to piecing it was like,,,every line has to be perfect.....

21.(L.A. Crews)- What did u like about the oldschool days?

(PARIS1)-Well the old day's we're stress free when it came to getting up you could really get up,,plus i met alot of cool people back then,,alot of them are gone with the wind and i have no contact's and that's kind of sad,,,but all in all it was just fun to travel to different part's of the city to meet other writer's,,,riding the buses alone was fun for me.

22.(L.A. Crews)- How has graffiti changed from back them till now?

(PARIS1)-Well back then writer's we're more united and in touch with each other,there we're no tag banger's or anything like that,the old school writer's we're smart,,,writer's now are very talented on the wall but,,there kinda ignorant,they don't know there history!,plus writer's back in the day had waaaay more respect for each other's art and tag's around the city!,and not to mention the buses weren't as pretty as they are now,where do the writer's of today write at??,i wonder!

23.(L.A. Crews)- Do u have any last words or advise for anyone?

(PARIS1)-Well writer's of today my only advice to you is,,LEARN YOUR HISTORY AND DON'T FOLLOW OTHER WRITER'S DO YOUR OWN THING,,,,,,,,AND ONE LAST IMPORTANT THING(AND I MEAN THIS)TAKE PIC'S OF EVERYTHING ON THESE WALL'S,,,,,,,,,,,,me myself i have a major collection of over 2000 pic's from all over L.A. in the 80's and there good to look at when you want to reminence...............



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