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Interview with lesson sadk

(L.A. Crews)-what u write????

. (LESSON1) OG Lesson

(L.A. Crews)-what crews r u from???.

. (LESSON1) KILM ( use to be from SADK )

.(L.A. Crews)-how did your crew(s) get started???.

(LESSON1) . From what I know, It started in Compton. All those fools went to Dominguez. Then Some went to LYNWOOD. Oscar, Norm RIP, Enter, and some others.

. (L.A. Crews)-how did u get your nickname????.

(LESSON1) .By Teaching Lessons

.(L.A. Crews)- what year did u begin to write?????.

(LESSON1) . 1989 after seeing Some dope ass shit from SADK and KCC

(L.A. Crews)- How did u get started in graff????.

(LESSON1) . Credit introduced me to the scene. From then it was non stop acion.

. .(L.A. Crews)- what did/do u like to write with?????.

(LESSON1) . Testers of course. They are light, quick, and they do the job.

.(L.A. Crews)- who did u see up back in the oldschool days???.

(LESSON1) oh man too many fools. The 60 was always killed. Fools from KCC, KAK, CLK, and SADK.

.(L.A. Crews)- whats your favorite colors to do pieces with or bomb with????.

(LESSON1) . never did bombs. cherry red and chrome were my colors though.

.(L.A. Crews)- do u still write????.

(LESSON1) . Sometimes, I carry a shakeable in my ride. Sakura!!

.(L.A. Crews)- Did u ever hit buses ?what lines did/do u kill???.

(LESSON1) . All the time, mainly the 60. That was the line to get!!!

.(L.A. Crews)- any beef with anyone or any crews?????.

.(LESSON1) Yeah many fools.... They know who they are.. They can keep that beef though.

.(L.A. Crews)- do u have any graffiti stories u would like to share????.

.(LESSON1) The craziest night I had was when Broe, Credit, The, And myself were mobing on the 5 freeway. Someone spotted us and called the one time. Next thing you know, we are getting chased by a K-9 unit and about 3 patrol cars. To make a long story short, The and myself got away by jumping on roofs and running through a junier high school. Credit and Broe weren't so lucky. K-9 got thier ass.

.(L.A. Crews)- did u ever get caught any other times????.

.(LESSON1) nope!!!!!

.(L.A. Crews)- how has L.A. graffiti changed from the oldschool days till nowadays???.

. (LESSON1)I dont know, It seems the same. You have fools that hit their name every where without putting up their crew. We had some back in the days.

.(L.A. Crews)- Have u ever battled anyone in graffiti?????if so who won????.

. (LESSON1)Yeah CLK, VIP, KAK, CKA....SADK won all!!! . Battle Credit too. I beat his ass! LOL

.(L.A. Crews)- What other freeways did u hit???.

.(LESSON1) 5, 110, and 91....

.(L.A. Crews)- any last words or shout outs?????.

(LESSON1) To all those that made writing what it was. Some with styles, others with getting up, and some with starting beef. It'as all good.. My doggy's Credit, Clover, Sugaray, Gotti, Soche, Chucky, Penske, and all those fools from Known In Lynwood ........Pups, Miner, Bogus, Topic, Silent, Droops and the rest....



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