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CREM1*H.2.R interview

(L.A. Crews)-What you write???.

(FLACO)-I used to write CREM..

. (L.A. Crews)-What crews do u /Did you push????.

(FLACO)- HTR and TWK..

(L.A. Crews)-How did your crew(s) get started???..

(FLACO)- Some Vato RADE started HTR in the late 80's.. We been out since 94 in Whittier gangbangin so make. I came from the East Los click that had Dice, Goal, Cop, etc. I used to write CREM but I moved to Whittier in 1993 and have been banging since. We go by HUSTLERS 13 AKA HTR'S 13 FROM WHITTIER. Some of our original member in Whittier are called the following. FLACO (Myself, I started the clicka in Whittier. LAZY (Used to write DLER, first member in Whittier besides myself) The rest is history, we been gang banging for 10 years now and have a hood in Whittier.we have two clicks. The first click or the first generation that started in 1994 with gang banging. We call our self Tokers clicka. These members are the original ones (myself) that began to gang bang in the early nineties. The second click started in 2000 and called them selves tiny loco's. We continue grow and have homeboys prison and death row..

. (L.A. Crews)-how did u get your nickname????..

(FLACO)- Well I go by Flaco now but CREM has my intials from name.

. .(L.A. Crews)- what year did u begin to write?????. .

(FLACO)- I began writing in 1992..

(L.A. Crews)- How did u get started in graff????..

(FLACO)- Just wanted to get known..

. .(L.A. Crews)- what did/do u like to write with?????. .

(FLACO)- Streaks, Hi Gloss Black, fucked anything that would get up now..

.(L.A. Crews)- who did u see up back in the oldschool days???..

(FLACO)- My days were in East Los. The usual Oiler, Devoe, Chaka and Toomer. .

.(L.A. Crews)- Whats your favorite colors to do pieces with or bomb with????..

(FLACO)- I really never got in bombs, I was a tagger just trying to get known..

.(L.A. Crews)- do u still write????..

(FLACO)- Naw, I stop writing in the early 90's and just stop banging last year. But I still have some the same habits from writing..

.(L.A. Crews)- Did u ever hit buses ?what lines did/do u kill???..

(FLACO)- HELL YEAH, I would always kill 6 0 bus line when it used be Brookyln now called Cesar Chaves street. .

.(L.A. Crews)- any beef with anyone or any crews?????. .

(FLACO)- Hell yeah, we had beef with RIA, NBK, and some crews. I cant remember the rest.. Our strongest beef was with RIA aka Risking It All. We used to be clicked with TWK, NBK, KCC, and RIA. In the early nineties we battled RIA and NBK in 93. The winner would go for take out but nobody would admit a lost. Than that's how the beef started with RIA and NBK. .

.(L.A. Crews)- did u ever get caught????.

(FLACO)- Yeah I got arrested a couple time by the East Los Angeles Sheriff. .

.(L.A. Crews)- How has L.A. graffiti changed from the oldschool days till nowadays???..

(FLACO)- There's only the hardcore writers left and toys now. Most taggers get fucked up now and disked for being a tagger. When I was banging I never tripped on them..

.(L.A. Crews)- Have u ever battled anyone in graffiti?????if so who won????..

(FLACO)- We battled NBK and RIA. Both times no one would accept a lost..

. .(L.A. Crews)- Did u ever hit freeways?????.

(FLACO)- Fuck yeah, I used to hit the 710, 60, 5, and the 10 freeways in East Los Angeles.

.(L.A. Crews)- any last words or shout outs?????.

(FLACO)- Just to my Varrio Hustlers Trece GANG and to other members who still write HTR to get jump in our quit writing HTR. my email address flaco562@yahoo.com so other old school homies could contact me..



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