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L.A. Crews -
Interview with FONS C.M.K

L.A. Crews)-what u write???..


(L.A. Crews)-what crews r u from???..


.(L.A. Crews)-how did your crew(s) get started???. (FONS)- COMIK abreviated his name CMK, then he added some words to each letter and came up with CRAZY MEXICAN KIDS. That happened in like 1987 or so. Crazy Mexican Kids is the original name. Later Criminal Minded Kings was used but we (Cap, Box, and I) always used Crazy Mexican, we only changed the Kids into Kings cuz we were no longer kids. Anyhow, Comik started CMK with this other guy who moved out of the pico-union area. That guy is the one that recruited in other parts of L.A. and we didnt really see that other guy and the new members cuz they were on the other side of town. But every now and then we would be hitting the busses and we would run into another CMK. That was a trip.

. (L.A. Crews)-how did u get your nickname????..

(FONS)- .Well, each individual letter stands for something. ITs: Fabricating-art On-every-surface Never Stoping. .

.(L.A. Crews)- what year did u begin to write?????..

(FONS)- About 88 or 89..

(L.A. Crews)- How did u get started in graff????..

(FONS)- I always wanted to leave a little of myself everywhere i've ever gone. So graf became a great way to do so. I got exposed to it in middle school and i've been doing it ever since.

.(L.A. Crews)- what did/do u like to write with?????..

(FONS)- Streaks..

.(L.A. Crews)- who did u see up back in the oldschool days???..

(FONS)- Chaka, Gin, and Sleez.

.(L.A. Crews)- whats your favorite colors to do pieces with or bomb with????.

(FONS)- Black, white, and chrome.

.(L.A. Crews)- do u still write????.

(FONS)- I am about to retire..

.(L.A. Crews)- Did u ever hit buses ?

(FONS)- Yeah, but not that much. Just here and there..

.(L.A. Crews)- any beef with anyone or any crews?????.

(FONS)- There were crew beefs, we were writing at a time when tagbangers were coming up. OVer here crews shot at other crews and street gangs shot at crews cuz crews and gangs were becoming linked to each other. So there was beef.

.(L.A. Crews)- did u ever get caught????..

(FONS)- Hell NO!.

.(L.A. Crews)- how has L.A. graf fiti changed from the oldschool days till nowadays???..

(FONS)- NOw you get buffed in a day or two. Nothing lasts like it used to. Everyone has cell phones and can snitch on you real quick. Then busses are harder to hit up cuz theres undercovers and the windows are no longer tinted. Cops can see you from the outside. The poles have all been painted over and over and over that now when you mob it with a nice yellow streak it doesnt look that good. Graf has changed a lot. ITs harder to get up and EVEN HARDER to STAY UP.

.(L.A. Crews)- Have u ever battled anyone in graffiti?????if so who won????..

(FONS)- .Yeah, i had a little battle with this one toy one time and after i crossed out everything he had ever done the idiot pretty much gave up. It was over for him..

.(L.A. Crews)- Did u ever hit freeways?????..

(FONS)- Yeah, but not that much..

.(L.A. Crews)- any last words or shout outs?????..

(FONS)- No. ___________________________________________________________



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