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L.A. Crews -
Interview with ENTER T.N.T

1.(L.A. Crews)-What do u write?

(ENTER ONE)- Enter one.

2.(L.A. Crews)-How did u get your name?

(ENTER ONE)- I used to kick it with system from nts and I was looking for a new name to write and he suggested I write enter, and here I am.

3.(L.A. Crews)-What city are u from?

(ENTER ONE)-I reside in the city of Bell Gardens.

4.(L.A. Crews)-What crews are u from?

(ENTER ONE)- I represent the On The Run Crew, Threatning Social Society , The New Terror.

5.(L.A. Crews)-How did T.S.S. start?

(ENTER ONE)-T.S.S. was started by a cat who wrote poses session In the late 80's.

6.(L.A. Crews)-How long have u been writing?. What year did u begin to write???

(ENTER ONE)-It's going on 15 years now if my math is correct , Since 88 Enter the Great.

7.(L.A. Crews)-How do it feel to be from one of the most reconized crews in Southern California?

(ENTER ONE)-That's why you worked so hard at getting up cuz recognition feels great man, and anyone who has put in work and has been recognized by his fellow writers knows what im talking about. Even though I don't get up like I used to, at the time it was the shit... Everyone has their time.

8.(L.A. Crews)-Did u ever hit Buses?

(ENTER ONE)- I was strickly buses man R.T.D That was my fuckin high. My ride home was the 111 and the 110 so I was always hitting those, but I would hit any bus I saw on any line. I remember I would wake up around 5:30 in the morning on saturdays and go to Pacific blvd in hp and Soner and me would have a smorgasbord, killing buses left and right and there would be no hero's cuz it was to early.

9.(L.A. Crews)-Do u still write?

(ENTER ONE)-I still write mostly tags here and there when I go out.

10.(L.A. Crews)-How do u stand out from other writers?

(ENTER ONE)- I dont think I do, I think every writer stands out because there is so much variety, there are piecers bombers taggers muralists bussers and every one has their own style, but I think u know when someone stands out.

11.(L.A. Crews)- What would u like to be remembered most for?

(ENTER ONE)-I think I'll leave that up to who ever remembers me. I remember writer's I didn't even know who I thought were up or stood out for some reason or another.

12.(L.A. Crews)- Whats your most craziest or worse experience in graffiti?

(ENTER ONE)- Too many to list sorry!

13.(L.A. Crews)-How do u feel about graffiti crews hooking up with gangs and calling themsleves tagbangers?

(ENTER ONE)- Well I was a part of that and I think that fucked up every thing because back then you could travel anywhere without having to worry about who you had beef with.

14.(L.A. Crews)-How did u get started in graffiti?any influences???

(ENTER ONE)- I started writing with a couple of cats from BG. As I started meeting more people I met Unoe from Tntss and SYSTEM from N.T.S who started taking me to the N.T.S meetings on sundays where I became all busser. My influences as I started traveling was everyone that was up on busses and streets. I remember going down broadway and seeing Gin up on all the grills, I remember seeing 86 87 scribes on buses by wisk and his numbered throw ups butterfly styles. I remember all the writers I would see up on buses back in the day and I didnt know, names that stood in my head, Zero nts Basen Devo Skoe Micro Mozart kcc Steel kws Geso, Shone64, Ser Wca, Sae and Kae Ktl, are a few.

15.(L.A. Crews)-Will u ever stop writing?

(ENTER ONE)- I dont think I will, it becomes a part of you, second nature you know.

16.(L.A. Crews)- Have u ever got caught writing or racking?

(ENTER ONE)-I got caught racking like 8 times and writing like 5, but that was my second high man racking, during high school man everything I sported was new man, every weekend I would come home with bags of clothes, shoes , those small digital aiwa walkmans. And back then it was all about spots, if you had one and it was good you wouldnt tell know one maybe just your writing partner or crew. But if it was getting burned you'd take the whole crew and just toast it. And there were spots far and near and for anything you needed. One time Slok from Kws took me to his spots, the reason ,I had a car. I give this dude props he took me all over orange county, he knew it like the back of his hand. I had supplies to last me for the rest of the year. But the rest of the times it was mostly buses, we would go to palos verdes, puente hills, sherman oaks, downtown, all city and it was worth it. Plus you'd get up while doing it you can't ask for anything more...

17.(L.A. Crews)-Did u every hit freeways?

(ENTER ONE)-I hit a couple with SKEZ from N.T.S and system, mostly the 710 . Back then freeway killers were Key and Angst, tempt they had that shit on lockdown.

18.(L.A. Crews)-Have u ever battled anyone or any crews?If so what reason?Who won the battle?

(ENTER ONE)- We battled U.B.C and K.W.S for street credibility at different times.Yes we won anyone that tells you different is lying.

19.(L.A. Crews)-What do u like to write with?

(ENTER ONE)-I love writing with streaks uni-paints shakeables pilots I didnt care for the sakuras.

20.Whats your favorite Krylon color to "GET-UP" with or do pieces with?

(ENTER ONE)- ultra flat black.

21.(L.A. Crews)-How do u feel about female graffiti writers?Since 99% of writers are guys!

(ENTER ONE)- I think thats dope man. Being from OTR there are a couple of females in my crew Tribe, Envy, etc, and if you don't know who they are you better get out yo city. its self explanatory man, its all about getting up not gender.

22.(L.A. Crews)-Do u have any beef wtih anyone or any crews?

(ENTER ONE)- Back in the day there was a time that I would trip if there was beef, And I know I got beef with a few peeps or crews but I dont give it a second look, I just shine it off man it's not worth it , ive lost to many bros to that shit. But If I cant avoid it hey ill handle it to my regret.

23.(L.A. Crews)- What did u like about the oldschool days?

(ENTER ONE)-I used to like the fact that when you would mob busses they would stay up for months. The grills you mobbed the rooftops, the driver side billboards or just all the windows. And seeing it rolling a month later.

24.(L.A. Crews)- How has graffiti changed from back them till now?

(ENTER ONE)-I dont think graffiti has changed, I think the times have changed new writers new styles new rules. Busses aren't a factor anymore. Sorry If I bore you with all this bus crap but that was my thing.

(L.A. Crews)-What goes thru your mind when your out bombing or piecing?

(ENTER ONE)-That it's the primo spot and that it hopefully it comes out dope...I dont piece though cuz I dont have the patience for it but I admire everone that does.

26.(L.A. Crews)- Do u have any last words or advise for anyone?

(ENTER ONE)- I want to say whats up to the OTR fam any body that knows me. What up Sope Huge Size Prell Sham Gaze Majer Sesto Stag Mase... Free Hael..! And to the rest of the bros and crews Stay Up ... One love, and to all the h8trs Eat a Dick!... The Strong Survive.



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