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L.A. Crews -
Interview with DEEM*C.L.K

1.What do u write?

2.What crews are u from?
C.L.K ,V.I.P

3.How did u get started??Any Influences???

(DEEM) By the movement of writers in the early years. Influences were REX, PEX, JESK & The movie "STYLE WARS"
4.Do u still write?

(DEEM) Not currently active.

5.Did u ever get caught?

(DEEM) Caught twice once in a bus yard & second time writing on the bus.But never burnt.

6.Who was u writing with back then????

(DEEM) C.L.K & V.I.P

7.How has graffiti changed from back then till now?

(DEEM) Back in the days you could feel the energy of graffiti in the city's. Now you have a new generation of youngsters who are not as organized as we were.

8.What did u like about the oldschool days?

(DEEM) The whole scenario of the scene,Racking,writing, Looking for spots to rack at, who's up the most.having meetings,battling other crews,and most of all crews were much more organized.

9.What lines did u kill?

(DEEM)All of them. But mainly the 120 line & the 60 line.

10.Did u ever have beef with any one or any crews?

(DEEM) Beef with C.F.K"K.A.K"K.C.C."

11.How does it feel to be from one of the most reconized crew in southern california?

(DEEM) I feel very proud to be reconized But it took alot of hard work!

12.Do u have any last words or advice 4 anyone?shout outs?

(DEEM) Most of the crew members still have it in their hearts that the memories we had will always live forever as O.G.'s of the graffiti movement in Los Angeles.(Shout outs) Peace to all who were involved in the movement "You Know Who You Are"!



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